The 1977 100 C2 Avant

The just introduced A7 Sportback and its more compact sibling, the A5 Sportback, aren't the first fastback, liftback, hatchback, five-door coupe or whatever else you'd like to call cars with four doors and a rear hatch, from Audi.

The automaker from Ingolstadt toyed around with the idea of a fastback model in the upper-medium segment more than 30 years ago with the presentation of a hatchback version of the A6's predecessor, the 100, carrying the Avant nameplate.

That was before Audi began started using the Avant moniker for its Station Wagon models beginning with the third generation of the 100 in 1982.

The 100 Avant hatchback made its debut on the second generation of the 100 in 1977 and was sold alongside a two-door coupe and a four-door saloon version of the series. Here's what Audi had to say about the 100 Avant in an archived press release:

"Its hatchback and large tailgate characterized a new vehicle concept in the upper midsize segment. Due to its many possible uses, this estate car with four doors and split rear seats increasingly became a bestseller in years to come."

It's worth mentioning that while the body style of the A7 Sportback invokes the 1977 100 Avant, the design of the car's rear end as well as of the third side window with the upward pointing tip are inspired from the coupe version of the first 100 from 1969 - something that is noted in the A7's official press release.

1977 Audi 100 C2 Avant


1969 Audi 100 C1 Coupe


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