Audi Gentleman's Hot Rod Racer by Mikael Lugnegård

Audi seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. We recently showed you one artist's take on a floating Audi, the Hydron study, and now someone else has chosen to interpret a hot rod Audi.

Similar in concept to Volvo's T6 Roadster, the Audi Gentleman's Racer is an old-school rodder with foreign ancestry. Created by industrial designer Mikael Lugnegård of Sweden, the "Gent's Racer" does its part to commemorate a piece of American automotive history with an (unofficial) Audi touch. The grille is actually Audi, but adapted for the unique look of this proposed model.

According to the people at Dieseno Art, the concept would feature an aluminum spaceframe, Ohlins suspension, and Brembo brakes all under a carbon fiber body. Power for the featherweight would theoretically come from Audi's version of the Gallardo's V10, but sending power to the rear wheels instead of all four. Crazy, or crazy awesome?

Inside would be the standard jewelry: carbon fiber, aluminum, and Alcantara.

Of the Gent's Racer, Lugnegård says: "The intended market is basically a pro racer who wants something classy for his personal trackday, as well as for driving to the new, exclusive restaurant down town with his lady. I could really imagine seeing someone like Samuel Hubinette in this car!"

By Phil Alex


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