Sport Wheels' Audi R8 goes Galactic

Sport Wheels has released its 600-horsepower Galactic Audi R8, something that it claims will make supercar fans "buckle at the knees". Dressed in all black and riding on a set of €4,400 20-inch OZ Ultraleggeras, it certainly looks the part of some kind of space that's ready to jack you, slap you, and run away laughing.

The press release claims that the firm has added a "crank angle screw thread" in order to improve the vehicle's handling; all this coilover work is to the tune of €7,349.

Following this, Sport Wheels offers to tune the ECU to for a 40-hp gain in its Stage 1 package. The cost of putting 565-hp and 560 Nm (413 lb-ft) of torque under the bonnet is €1,499. Fine and dandy, but why does it cost more to tell an Audi computer the same thing as a VW computer? Some VW chip tuning costs as little as $400 for essentially the same service.

Then there's the Stage 2, which throws in a muffler (or two). With the new exhaust, the R8 hits 600 ponies and 580 Nm (428 lb-ft) For the this, Sport Wheels charges €5,869...for an exhaust kit and ECU tuning. How about we just go to Rodney down the street and have him throw a couple glasspacks on it? Nothing says flow like glasspacks.

Not to sound like an ass (although that's natural), I can't help but ask...isn't this sort of spending on tuning a little crazy? Over $7,500 US for some computer tuning and a new muffler setup? And all that explained by a general, cheesy, no doubt mass-addressed email? I love tuning and the idea of tuning, but come on. If you're trying to rob me, at least do it directly.

By Phil Alex


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