Designer Attempts to Create a 21st Century Ford Model T

Even though it's been more than century since the original Ford Model T revolutionized the world of transportation by bringing motoring to the masses, the iconic 'Tin Lizzy' continues to inspire designers up until these days.

With the goal of creating a modern-day car that shares the simplicity and other qualities as well as certain design elements with the original Model T, Brazilian designer Eduardo Oliveira came up with this compact crossover.

Oliveira's well executed design does bring to mind the Model T from certain angles (in a much more convincing way than the winners of Ford's Model T competition in 2008), but we could do without the gaudy front grille.

Styling elements that hark back to the original model include the pronounced wheel arches that encompass the wheels that are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle as well as the opposite angle of the lower part of the rear hatch that houses the spare tire.

Designed to be around 4.2 meters or 165-inches in length, the five-seater crossover model gets suicide-style rear doors and two exterior storage compartments located on either side of the bumper.

The designer said that the modern-day Model T could be equipped with a four-cylinder gasoline engine or better yet, a hybrid drivetrain.


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