Russian Tuner Proposes BMW X6 Coupe Conversion

If you liked Merdad's idea of a two-door Porsche Cayenne SUV, then you'll be happy to know that another tuning firm has came up with a similar conversion for the BMW X6 crossover. This time, the culprit is a Russian company called ArmorTech that specializes on custom and armored vehicles.

Starting with the standard X6, Ameritech chops off the rear doors and moves the B-Column further back to fit larger front doors (+250mm or 9.8-in.). The conversion also includes a new rear window and bespoke front seats that tilt and slide forward to allow for convenient access to the rear seats.

Buyers can further upgrade (?) the X6's looks with some optional chunky aero parts and aftermarket alloy wheels. The Russian company also offers numerous bits and pieces for the interior as well as a performance package that upgrades the engine, the suspension and the braking system.

Those of you interested will have to contact the company directly for details on pricing and availability.


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